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Let me make it clear about Jon Bon Jovi assumes on Chinese classic love track

Let me make it clear about Jon Bon Jovi assumes on Chinese classic love track

By Tessa WongBBC News

Jon Bon Jovi is just about the latest pop that is western to woo the Chinese market, performing what exactly is perhaps the essential famous Chinese love track ever. The BBC analyses his attempt.

The songs video clip, emerge a recording studio, begins in soft focus due to the fact opening that is soulful for the Moon Represents My Heart cue up.

Then, Jon Bon Jovi’s familiar gravelly vocals fades in. “Ni wen wo ai ni you duo shen, wo ji ai ni you fen. ” croons the United states stone star in significantly intelligible Mandarin.

“Jon place lots of idea on selecting the right track for their Chinese fans,” checks out a declaration on their site announcing the movie.

Shot through one’s heart

The rocker demonstrably has big aspirations by firmly taking in the Moon Represents the Heart – the track ranks among the best love ballads and it is a beloved karaoke basic for older Chinese individuals.

The ballad that is plaintive popularised by Taiwanese star Teresa Teng in 1977, is sung through the perspective of a female whoever love will be questioned – her response is that her love can be as eternal as the moon.

You ask me personally just just how profoundly I adore you, simply how much I favor you

My emotions are genuine, my love can also be genuine, the moon represents my heart

You ask me personally exactly exactly exactly how profoundly I like you, exactly how much I adore you

My emotions will move, my never love won’t ever alter, the moon represents my heart

The gentlest of kisses has exposed my heart

The deepest of love affairs, i believe about any of it till now

You may well ask me personally exactly how profoundly i really like you, exactly how much I like you

Just consider it, simply take an appearance, the moon represents my heart

The track is closely identified with Ms Teng it remains so popular particularly in China though she was not the original singer, and this is one reason why.

Ms Teng’s job became popular in Asia when you look at the belated 1970s simply as Communist Asia begun to open, and she quickly became a family group title when you look at the mainland.

The spread of her ballads marked one of the first encounters mainland Chinese had with the “decadent” modern music of the outside world after years of suppression of pop music. Many listened to her in key and pirated her music, despite a national federal federal government ban.

Present of love

Jon Bon Jovi’s declaration said he find the “heart-warming classic for Chinese fans being a gift on Chinese Valentine’s Day”.

But there are two Chinese Valentine’s Days.

One is Qixi Festival, which falls on 20 August this present year. It marks the 7th time associated with the seventh lunar month, and it is for this legend regarding the Cowherd plus the Weaver woman – star-crossed fans who remain separated but reunite 1 day each year.

One other romantic days celebration is Yuanxiao Festival, which marks the conclusion of the Lunar that is traditional New festivities.


It really is no coincidence that the video clip was launched in front of Jon Bon Jovi’s Asia trip in September, where he will be playing in Asia when it comes to very first time.

He could be additionally doing in other areas with significant populations that are chinese as Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

While Western pop music movie movie stars frequently perform in Asia, it really is uncommon in order for them to sing in Mandarin – but it is an assured crowd-pleaser helping to enhance their profile.

In February 2013, Celine Dion wowed audiences whenever she sang the folk track Jasmine Flower for the CCTV Chinese New Year Gala. It is known to be probably the most watched tv program in the field, with vast sums in mainland Asia and Mandarin speakers various other nations tuning in most year.

Simply talking in Mandarin will do for a personality that is western win fans over in Asia, as Twitter founder Mark Zuckerberg discovered as he spoke to college students in October – though he received more blended reviews.

‘Quite honest’

So just how have actually the taken that is chinese Jon Bon Jovi’s effort?

This hasn’t produced buzz that is much microblogging system Weibo – yet – but initial reviews be seemingly good, with several relocated by their make an effort to sing in Mandarin.

The music movie features a few shots regarding the 53-year-old hunting stumped as he ploughs through the song and practises their pronunciation. A woman who appears to be his Mandarin tutor gives him an encouraging thumbs-up at one point.

“Bon Jovi’s too hardworking, he is provided us Chinese fans A qixi that is nice shock. you can view when you look at the video clip which he’s constantly looking to get the words appropriate, it’s quite genuine,” noted popular Weibo writer Eargod.

Other fans had been more circumspect. Stated user Zhufuaguai: “Even though it seems terrible, it’s nevertheless Bon Jovi – and that is sufficient in my situation.”

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