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How exactly to make use of the Elgato Stream Deck with OBS Studio & OBS reside

How exactly to make use of the Elgato Stream Deck with OBS Studio & OBS reside

The Elgato Stream Deck provides control that is amazing streaming and much more (oh, a lot more). Moreover it provides help for StreamElements OBS Live add-on for OBS Studio, making flow management easy.

There is OBS.Live by looking in the Stream Deck computer computer software’s “more actions” section, along side certain setup alternatives for the add-on. Therefore let’s review your skill with OBS.Live and Stream Deck!

Setting up the Elgato Streamdeck Computer Computer Software

First things first, you are going to need certainly to install the Elgato Stream Deck pc computer pc pc software! Mind up to the packages web web web page regarding the Elgato web site ( right here ) and choose the down load for Stream Deck.

Start the file and install once the down load is complete. For those who haven’t already connected your flow Deck in by this point, go ahead and connect it as much as any free USB slot on your pc. Start the Stream Deck pc pc software and the hardware should be recognized by it.

It is possible to press the center key for welcome information, however for now, it is possible to mouse up to it within the Stream Deck computer computer computer pc software, right click, and choose delete. So Now you have slate that is blank we could get going.

Adding StreamElements OBS.Live to the Actions List

With all the Stream Deck computer software available, the thing that is next need certainly to do would be to select “more actions” regarding the the base right.

As you can scroll down here and appear for “StreamElements OBS.Live,” it is more speedily to make use of the search club into the top right. Simply type “StreamElements” and you also shall see just what we have to get started. Click “install” to incorporate it towards the Stream Deck pc pc computer software.

OBS.Live-Specific Actions for the Stream Deck

At this point you have actually StreamElements OBS.Live added into the Stream Deck pc pc computer software with a few OBS.Live actions that are specific.

Nine of this actions are highlighted with blue text and these denote OBS.Live-specific actions split up from standard OBS Studio actions, that are currently available by standard within the Stream Deck pc pc computer software.

The games regarding the actions are pretty self-explanatory but in the event you require any more information on it, simply hover the mouse within the action product for a brief description of just what it can. And also this is applicable for each action product for sale in the Stream Deck computer software too.

Only at that point, OBS has to be available so go right ahead and start

Including an Action Item

To include any action product to your Stream Deck, follow on and drag the specified action product onto any square that is available. Generally speaking, for the majority of Stream Deck action things, you may wish to include a title or icon that is different. Nevertheless, there is no have to do that with OBS.Live due to the fact standard icon offers the name and fundamental image that correlates from what it will! It will help to help keep it straightforward and simple!

With OBS available, you are able to try all of your brand brand new action that is OBS.Live. Just press the switch in the Stream Deck to discover what goes on. The Charge KappaGen will likely be an audience favorite without a doubt!

How exactly to Configure Fundamental Scene Actions in Stream Deck

Together with your OBS.Live actions prepared to get, all of that is kept would be to do is configure your scene switching with all the Stream Deck! When you have two scenes, for instance, simply drag the “scene” action product onto an available square and title it. If its most of your scene, “Primary” is not a poor title to choose!

Utilising the dropdowns, you’ll pick which scene collection the scene you had would you like to change to is on. This could often end up being most of your scene collection that is streaming. Then, “scene” itself is when you select the certain scene. Try this for as numerous scenes as you’d like, then, pushing the switch in the Stream Deck will switch you straight back and forth efficiently.

Happy streaming!

Legendary Help can be obtained 24/7

In the event that you found this informative article helpful, or require more assistance with your Elgato Stream Deck setup, make sure to get in touch with us on social media marketing. Our enjoyable and friendly Discord community is full of other StreamElements users too and our help staff are on-hand, supplying famous solution 24/7!

Sign up for our YouTube channel for helpful instructional videos exceeding the basic principles, features, and news on future, or updates that are new! StreamElements is often spending so much time in order to make streaming much better!

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